Donut Robot Machines Make Money

Start your own business with a Donut Robot machine.
Donut Robot® machines deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake donuts, yeast-raised donuts and mini donuts automatically - improving donut quality and reducing costs. Training and labor requirements are substantially reduced while quality, repeatable donuts are produced time after time. Additionally, Donut Robot® machines have been shown to reduce shortening use by up to 50%.

Several machines are offered with capacity from 156 to 1500 per hour. Production is even higher for mini donuts. For any machine you can find accessories to make up a donut system that matches your specific needs.

To see how a Donut Robot® Mark 1, 2 or 5 operates, try the video series,


"Getting Started with your Donut Robot®"
Video series for new donut machine owners and employees
The "Getting Started" videos are intended to help new owners and employees learn how to operate their Donut Robot®.

Part 1- Introduction

Part 2- Mixing

Part 3- Making Donuts

Part 4- Filtering


These videos are NOT intended to be the only source of training for owners or operators.

  • New operators should be trained by an experienced operator
  • All operators should read and understand the Operator's Manual that comes with each Donut Robot® machine, BEFORE they use a Donut Robot® without experienced supervision.
  • These videos do not include installation instructions.

The videos apply to all Donut Robots®, EXCEPT:

  • Mark 1 does not have a drain, so it cannot be used with an EZMelt - which requires a drain and valve. The drain and valve are options on Mark 2/Mark 5
  • Mark 1 does not have a fry time dial. (Uses a gear selector instead)
  • The Gas Mark 2 has instructions in the Operator's Manual relating to gas heating, which are not covered by these videos.
  • The Mark VI fryer is recommended for use with a Type F depositor for cake donuts, which can usually deposit 5 medium sized cake donuts across the fryer. Click here for a Mark VI video that shows how this cake and raised donut system works.