Buy Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers:                         Price:

Single Rack Heat Exchangers:       $4,500.00

Double Rack Heat Exchangers:     $4,750.00

Heat Exchanger Kit:                       $6,500.00

Our after market heat exchangers can be used on the most popular ovens such as Baxter, Hobart, Polin, Revent, Spartan, and Sveba Dahlen.

There is a crate fee of $300.00 per heat exchanger.  However, if you place your old heat exchanger into the crate and return it to us, we will cover the cost of the return shipment and we will not charge you a crate fee.

You can have a heat exchanger delivered, installed, tested, and your old one hauled off for a total of $8,000.00.  (This cost is subject to change depending on your location.  Call for more details.)

Our Heat Exchanger Kit includes:

Heat Exchanger, Burner Blower Motor, Valve (Gas Combination), Ignition Transformer/Gas Igniter 120V/50-60Z, Honeywell Flame Control, Ignition Electrode, and Gasket